Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Candy Cane Coloring Page-a family tradition

This candy cane coloring page definitely is reminiscent of some fond holiday memories. Every year, our family hangs candy canes on our Christmas tree when we get it up for the season. With five kids under foot, though, they start to disappear. By the time Christmas comes around, the bottom half of the Christmas tree is bare of all it's candy canes that have been stealthfully picked off by tiny fingers and enjoyed out of the adults eyesight.

While this was frustrating at one point, I've come to look forward to the kids excitement in hanging the candy canes on the Christmas tree(even if their stay their is short lived). We also make candy cane cookies that are mint flavored. The tradition of the candy cane has definitely taken root in our house.

Have fun with this candy cane coloring page, and make sure to check out all our other coloring pages too. While your at it, print out a Christmas tree.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celtic Motherhood Knot Coloring Page

Celtic Motherhood Knot Coloring Page Go to coloring page!
This coloring page has been online for a couple of weeks now. I thought it interesting the symbolic significance of the knot and so, at the encouragement of my wife, ventured to create a coloring page rendition of the Celtic Motherhood Knot. Though information online is limited, and I have no immediate connections to other research materials, what I have heard suggests that the knot is symbolic of the mother/child relationship with hearts being intertwined together in love. To some that symbolism extends to the relationship between us and Christ. Indeed, it is said that there is no other role that more closely compares to that of the Savior's nurturing and loving concern for us than that of a mother to a child.

My wife keeps a blog up entitled "The Beginning of Motherhood." She at one point put up an image of the Celtic Motherhood Knot. It has since become a popular search term that leads people to her site. She has even gotten a search result or two for Celtic Motherhood Knot Coloring Page. She has since then been encouraging me to create such a coloring page.

I have one small request of anyone coming to this page. I am also aware that the Celtic motherhood knot is a common pattern used in body art and tattoos. Please, do not use this coloring page if you are looking for a pattern for a tattoo. If you would like to know my reasoning for this request, please leave a comment and I will respond privately. Thank you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween ABC Coloring Pages

coloring page Go to coloring page! So earlier this week, I posted a survey on our Facebook Page asking what to work on. I added three options: halloween, football, or trumpet/brass instruments. My wife, who I recently gave adminstrative access to the page, jumped on after I had posted the survey, and without my knowledge added one more option: ABC's. I purposely was trying to avoid that one as it seemed too common. Much to my dismay, which of the options got the most respond? The ABC's option.

So in response to this, I've taken the time to produce a collection of Halloween-themed ABC coloring pages. Perhaps I will take the time to produce a full set for sale on the new wwww.sun-swing.com store. But I will have to first complete the current Book of Mormon Mazes project which will be posted online shortly. In meantime check out letters "A", "B", and "C." Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Aquatic Sea Alien Coloring Page

Aquatic Alien Sea Creature Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

Ha! Ok, this one was by request, an alien with the only distinguishing feature be that it have multiple eyes. My first attempt was a large headed, stereo-typical depiction of an alien with multiple eyes. I didn't like it though, and it was a bit on the scary side. So instead, I went for a more original concept and am fairly pleased with the results. This aquatic sea/space alien looks something like something of a hammer-head shark mixed with an octopus and bird bath. It kind of harkens back to the fun 1950's alien movies where space creatures were made to look like anything. I think those aliens were much more creatively designed back then anyways.

These types of creatures seem absolutely ridiculous until you watch an ocean documentary and realize that there are creatures just as amazing and more so actually living in our ocean waters by the billions!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Christian-themed Coloring Pages

What Are These Wounds Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

This new coloring page of a young girl examining the hand of the Resurrected Lord came after a particular difficult night of parenting, and served as both reminder and reprimand to a father who ultimately is trying to do just this very thing: lead his children to the Lord Christ Jesus. Out of context this coloring page has some short comings and obvious weaknesses, but I find the significance of pages like this one are what encourage me to keep pushing forward, wanting to do better, want to be better.

As I worked through a series of thoughts and emotions associated with this coloring page, I came to contemplate what a powerful experience it would be to stand in the position of this little girl. I thought of the indelible impression that this experience would leave upon her mind, and how this would change her life in infinitely good ways, and how it would perpetuate throughout her own lifetime, and into the shaping and molding of her posterity.

This coloring page is a probable scene taken from the Book of Mormon wherein the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to the inhabitants of the ancient Americas shortly after his death and resurrection. Particularly notable in this instance is his ministry to the little children which is related in 3 Nephi 17.

Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

Near the beginning of the Book of Mormon, the account of Lehi leaving Jerusalem is found in 1 Nephi. Some time after having left Jerusalem, he told his family about a dream he had had the night before. What followed was an amazingly symbolic dream wherein he describes seeing a tree of life and many other symbols relative to Christ's gospel and how one follows it.

This coloring page was extracted from the Book of Mormon mazes project that I am working currently. While some of the mazes don't function well as stand alone coloring pages, this one does. Treated with a bent towards the symbolic, this coloring page features stylized depictions of key elements of Lehi's Vision, including the tree of life, the iron rod, the dark and dreary mists, the great and spacious building, the river of filthy waters, and Father Lehi himself standing by the tree with a partially eaten piece of fruit.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Basic Christmas Tree and Candy Cane Coloring Pages

Christmas Candy Cane Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

Working to fatten up our holiday selection of coloring pages, I've been busy on the two upcoming holidays: Halloween and Christmas. I've yet to post the Halloween pages, but I've added two new Christmas time coloring pages and the new Christmas category to the seasonal coloring pages section of the site.

The two coloring pages for today are more iconic/simple in nature. Candy canes are a popular favorite around our home at Christmas time. As a young child, I had fond memories of hanging them on the Christmas tree, with them being dressed as reindeer. We had our candy cane decorations for several years hanging on our trees before they became more of an eye sore than a decoration.

In my own home, we have a hard time keeping the candy canes on the tree for more than a day or two after the tree has been decorated.

Again, I like these types of coloring pages because they allow the young artist to have some creative liberties in how they choose to render the coloring pages.

Christmas Tree Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

The next coloring page to be added to the Christmas collection is very appropriately the Christmas tree. This iconic symbol of Christmas time is rich with many dimensions of meaning. I appreciate how in the dead of winter, we are reminded of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Aspects of his birth and life are found as one contemplates the significance of the star, the evergreen tree, the candy canes, twinkling lights, and more.

The simplicity of the design makes this particular rendering good for coloring page contests allowing for personal embellishments and such.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tragic and Comedic Theater Masks Coloring Page

Theater Masks Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

I finally decided to make a coloring page that matched the icon for the "Arts" catergory on the main coloring page site menu. The biggest discovery associated with this coloring page for me was to realize that the curly ribbons on the sides were actually a functional piece of the mask, not merely an artistic embellishment. If this coloring page comes across as a bit too hasty, it was something of an artist choice.

While working on this coloring page, I was drawn back to my days of high school and college, where I studied the greek classical plays such as Odepus Rex, The Oddyssey, Dante's Inferno, the works of Shakespeare, and others. It is curious to me that from the same time period there are no Judeo-Christian plays that were produced, or that have survived to our modern day. I wonder if such a thing ever existed in antiquity.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Book of Mormon Coloring Page - The Title of Liberty

Captain Moroni's Title of Liberty Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

As a part of my recent work on a new mazes coloring book collection featuring stories from the Book of Mormon, I have been able to generate a handful of original coloring pages depicting key objects or events from the Book of Mormon. This coloring page is a depiction of Captain Moroni's Title of Liberty, or the flag that he created out of his rent coat. On it he wrote a simple declaration of liberty which Moroni used to inspire the hearts of his fellow countrymen to action at a time of great peril among the Nephite nation.

The text that is written on this flag is not of ancient origins but is a literal translation of Moroni's declaration from the Tamil language. I employed Google Translate to obtain a translation into Tamil, which is a local dialect spoken in parts of India. The decision to use the Tamil language was purely artistic, and there is no other reason for its use other than it didn't look Latin in origin.

More information will be forthcoming on the Book of Mormon mazes project, which I am tentatively calling "Passages from the Book of Mormon."

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Collection of Flower Coloring Pages

Flower Collections Coloring Pages Go to the Flowers Collection!

Earlier this week, I managed to output the largest number of coloring pages in a single day that I have done to date. I was quite excited about the potential to grow the amount of content on the site as a result. What was I busy drawing? Flowers, of course. Mostly inspired by our previous front yard flower garden, we now live in Arizona. There are flowers here. But I don't know the names of most the common desert varieties of flowers yet. You'll find in the collection the following flowers:
I'm very pleased with the variety of flowers and their respective coloring page renditions. Most of these are perfect for individual interpretation on the coloring, as each comes naturally in such a wide variety of colors, except for maybe the Echinecea flower, Indian Jasmin, and Lavender.  Enjoy. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Book of Mormon Coloring Page: The Liahona

Liahona Coloring Page Go to coloring page!

I've actually mulled this coloring page over for a great deal of time. While I cannot claim any degree of authenticity in the decisions that informed the visual approach to this coloring page, there are few, if any, who could.

What is curious for me to note about the creation  of this coloring page is that there was something of a stupor of thought that accompanied the creation of this coloring page until I felt to make it matter of prayer. My prayers didn't open me up to exclusive information about the visual design and nature of the Liahona. However, praying to my Heaven Father allowed me to ask for help with this coloring page. Of course this isn't the only coloring page that I've done this with, but for whatever reason, it was important that I made prayer a part of its creation, almost granting me permission to continue.

What we do know about the liahona is found in one verse of scripture from the Book of Mormon, where it describes it as a ball of curious workmanship that appeared to the prophet Lehi in the desert on his journey from Jerusalem to the Americas. It further goes on to say that there were two spindles or needles (the Spanish translation of the word) that lead them in the direction that they were to travel.

My choice to included detailed ornamentation on the outside of the liahona was to try and reflect something of that curious workmanship that characterized the ball. These decorations were inspired by ornamentation taken from the interior walls of the recently dedicated El Salvador Temple. I felt it appropriate to make that connection with the liahona and artwork found inside the temple.

Ultimately, the liahona is a profoundly symbolic instrument, symbolic of the word of God and its power to lead us back home to God.