Monday, June 29, 2009

Alligator and Flamingo

alligator coloring page flamingo coloring page

Today, I am officially welcoming an old friend on-board with me to contribute to my coloring pages website project: Señor Tommy Cannon. True, he doesn't have an ounce of Hispanic blood in him, but this hearkens back to a time when life was much more carefree for the both of us (His family hails from New Jersey, if that counts for anything!). Tommy and I met back at Ironwood High School, where we graduated from in the class of 1996.

We maintained fairly good contact with each other throughout our college years. After that, communications have been sporadic (at best). However, last winter, my family was privileged to take a trip back down to Arizona. Tommy treated me, my wife, and our brood of five to a presentation of Cinderella at the Great Arizona Puppet Theater where he works as house manager. It was a delightful treat and good to catch up with an old friend.

Then just as I began work on the Coloring Page Kids website two weeks ago, I came across Tommy's blog with caricature-type drawings and other pictures that make for great coloring pages. He was very enthusiastic in response to the invitation to contribute. So we start today with two drawings that he had sent over to me for consideration.

The flamingo coloring page especially echos back to our adolescence. I seem to recall large stuffed flamingos and inflatable flamingos at Tommy's house. These came in as resourceful props in the nonsensical video productions we attempted at teenagers. Tommy, do you still have the flamingos?


Tommy Cannon said...

Hi Brent, it's Tommy. Thanks for the write-up! I still have a flamingo toy or two floating around for sure. I remember us being total spazzes in high school. It's great to be in contact with you and I love the idea of doing this coloring page site with you.

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