Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And Then There Were Two Dragons

By the time I had completed the coloring page of the sheep, a small crowd of children were in my room watching and giving me suggestions on what to do next. The unanimous decision was to draw a dragon coloring page.

Exhibit A (my first attempt):
Sour, Scary-looking Dragon Coloring Page

At first I set out to draw a scary dragon, but from the get go, the peanut gallery began to chime in with their opinions on how I was drawing the nose wrong. Then by the time I got up to the eyes, I started to get all sorts of reactions. "That looks like a sheep!" "No, it's a pig!" "No, it's a horse with funny eyes..." Among all the slander and outcries of my young expert panel of advisers, none of them would concede that this genuinely looked like a dragon. I added horns on its head, scales on its chest, wings on its back, and fire out of its mouth.

The consensus was still that it looked more like a cow with wings or a tiger than a dragon.

Exhibit B (a more satisfying result):
Happy and Friendly Dragon Coloring Page

This second drawing of a dragon, was met with a much more satisfactory response. I started assembling this one with a handful of simple shapes and then just began to connect the shapes. It's something of a cross between long neck dinosaur , a T-rex with wings, and the spikes of a stegosaurus.

This second drawing reminds me of a large "Deeno" stuffed animal (from the Flintstones' cartoons) that I had as a small child. I remember riding it like a horse when I was very small.


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