Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Exploring a New Market and a New Idea

Yesterday, I created my first coloring page for a new venture entitled ColoringPageKids.com. This is an experiment in creating a company out of raw talent and resources to see if in 6 months or a year or two years, I can create a resource for the many people who have looked to the Internet for ubiquitous coloring page.

Being a naive artist (I've received only the most basic training in art - an intro drawing class at the college level), the one thing that I have in my portfolio is mountains and mountains of pencil drawings from my childhood (great source material for coloring page ideas).

I reserved the domain name "coloringpagekids.com" about a year ago, but have done very little with it until now. The one thing that surprised me more than any other is the gross neglect by the commercial world to tap the market of coloring pages online. But where there is a dearth in the market, there is also opportunity, and I simply feel I am sitting on a gold mine that has been unexplored.

Being a self-taught web designer and developer by trade, I have the ability to make something here that can be truly beautiful and functional all in one. I'm excited to take this step and launch in this new commercial venture.

Steam Engine Locomotive Train Coloring Page

The first coloring page that I came up with yesterday could have easily been a request from any one of my boys (I have four of them) - a steam engine locomotive train. Hopefully, some one will enjoy it. Thanks for visiting.


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