Thursday, June 18, 2009

Naaman the Leper Cleansed - Sunday Coloring Page

Naaman the Leper Cleansed coloring page

This was a fun one to do! I've resolved that as part of this daily creation of coloring pages, I would take one day a week to create a Sunday/religiously-themed coloring page. In searching of all the places to begin, for no particular reason, my thoughts took me back to the story of Naaman in the Old Testament (see 2 Kings 5).

Naaman was the captain of the Syrian king's army, who in addition to his power and prestige was plagued with leprosy -- something of an incurable skin disease that seems to have been prevalent in biblical times. Naaman's wife came to acquire a certain servant girl who was of the Israelite nation. When she learned of Naaman's condition, the servant girl declared that if Naaman would go to see Elisha the prophet, who lived in the land of Samaria, that he could cleanse Naaman of his leprosy.

Following the young maid's lead, Naaman went with his entourage of horses and chariots to the door of Elisha the prophet. The prophet did not come out to meet him, but instead sent his servant with a simple message: "Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean."

Naaman was outraged, both because he had expected the prophet to heal him there on the spot and because of the baseness of the request to bath in the river Jordan, and not some other mightier river. After he had collected himself, that insightful maid that had first suggested he go see Elisha observed that if the prophet had asked him to do some great thing he would have readily done so. Why then couldn't he go perform this simple request?

Seeing her simple logic, he obliged his wife's servant one more time and went into the Jordan river and proceeded to bath himself seven times. Coming out of the water on the seventh time, his leprosy was gone!

It is that moment of surprise and realization that I've attempted to capture in this simple coloring page. The small girl in the background represents the maid servant. Perhaps, she wouldn't be as animated at her realization of the miracle. Her reaction though is in contrast to the soldiers in his convoy, whom I suspect would be more prone to be skeptical or afraid at the realization of the miracle.

This story is rich with symbolism and significance beyond the superficial healing of leprosy. But that analysis is for a different time and place. Enjoy!


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