Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sheep Coloring Page

sheep coloring page

Yesterday was a Daddy Day, meaning these are the days that Dad's at home being Dad, feeding children, changing diapers, doing yard work, washing dishes, etc. because my wife was off at w0rk.

I took a break after lunch and asked one of my younger and still very innocent children what I should draw. His first response was a sheep. It digressed from there to dragons, race cars, super heroes, and any number of other commercially recognizable characters (especially as older siblings began to chime in with their votes). He still liked the idea of a sheep coloring page, so I obliged his first request.

I've seen few sheep in real life. I've drawn a few sheep over the years. One particular drawing where I spent a great amount of time drawing sheep was a picture of Christ's nativity. The sheep were among other barn yard animals that supposedly would have been in the stable where young child was found, or perhaps, they were the companions of the shepherds who came to the stable having received the glad tidings from the angels of heaven when our Lord's birth was declared to them.

One of my favorite movies, Babe, features sheep in a supporting role which are befriend by the young "gallant" pig. The film debuted when I was in my late adolescence and had a profound impact upon me during that season of my life. It still resonates strongly with me as a masterfully crafted film along all planes: story, cinematography, music, acting, special effects, and more. Even after film school, and a much wider spectrum of films that were presented, I still hold this film close to my heart - this sweet, little story about "the sheep pig" (I can hear little operatic mice singing in the background!).


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