Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Trumpet

Trumpet coloring page
I was a trumpet player throughout my primary and secondary education years. I was in the high school marching band, the symphonic band (in the off season), the jazz band, and even the pit orchestra for our high school musicals. Oh, there are so many stories from those years as a trumpet player!

One of my fonder memories was of the pit orchestra café which the trumpet section had set up in our part of the pit under the stage. Complete with ambiance and all, we started bringing all sorts of foods into the pit for our enjoyment during our down time. As no one from the audience was able to see us, we took advantage of it as high school juniors and seniors to bring our favorite foods to eat. I seem to have memories of pizza and strawberries with whip cream.

I mentioned ambiance, too. For whatever reason, the trumpet players in the pit for the most part were also artistically inclined, as well. So we would post our favorite original artwork on the walls of the pit. (The sound pads made for good bulletin boards.) This trumpet is very similar in style to something I would have drawn in my final days of high school as a trumpet player.


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