Monday, June 22, 2009

Uncle Sam Eagle Coloring Page

Patriotic Eagle Coloring page
This picture calls me back to two periods of my childhood. First, I was obsessive as a child when it came to drawing Scrooge McDuck. It seemed that from fourth grade on I would draw the duck on any thing I could. I had perfected the skill of drawing Scrooge to the point that I would offer my skills in drawing him and other like-featured ducks to any of my classmates. Second, my mascot in high school was an eagle. By my senior year, I was drawing eagles on t-shirts for band and sundry other organization throughout the school. My favorite eagle drawing was off of a group of eagles playing band intruments.

As the Fourth of July approaches us again this year, I'll be taking time for the next week to work out a handful of patriotic themed coloring pages. This just seemed like a nature place to start.

Also, parenthetically, this picture and those that I post for the next couple of days may not be online as I'll be spending what ever extra time I have to preparing the website for more robust delivery.


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