Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coloring Page Websites Reviewed: Crayola.com's Digi-Color

Screen Shot of Crayola.com Online Coloring Program

It should be expected that Crayola would have a professional presence with engaging coloring pages online. It should also be expected that if anyone were to have a more sophisticated coloring page program, Crayola would also be right there. Happy to report, they even exceeded my expectations with this robust, coloring page program.

Titled the Crayola Digi-Color, this fun and easy to use coloring page website allows you to pick between crayons, markers, colored pencils and more to create an "almost" realistic looking colored picture effect. Granted this is not a Coral Paint or Adobe Photo Shop, the effect is quite engaging. Different from other point and click online coloring applications, Crayola's Digi-Color allows the site user to select from any of their available online coloring pages and load it into the online program for manipulation.

To start having fun, visit Crayola's website and click on "Color Online" to take the selected coloring page into the Digi-Color realm.


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