Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frog and Toad Coloring Pages

tree frog coloring page

Today's coloring page focus is on the amphibian family's poster child, the frog. I hadn't realized that I had so much personal history related to the frog, but here's a few highlights.

When I was six years old, I remember making my way over to the playgrounds at our public school. In the summertime, instead of turning on sprinklers to water the grass in the fields, they would open up the irrigation pipe and flood the fields with several inches of water. We would have standing water for days.

One of the results of the shallow, standing water was an invitation to the frogs to come and lay their eggs. I don't recall how long the water was there for, but it was long enough for there to be tadpoles in abundance. I remember going with my friends to collect tadpoles. We brought them home to my friends' house where they filled up the swimming pool with water to keep the tadpoles until they turned to frogs.

There is one other period in my memory that has some vivid memories of frogs. As a missionary in Costa Rica, I was assigned to serve in the region of Guanacaste in the town of CaƱas. The frogs are prolific in that region and throughout the tropical Central American country. I remember walking down country roads listening to the frogs sing in chorus as we passed by. I recall thinking to myself how they didn't quite sound like I thought they would.

One morning, as we were getting ready for the day, we found a frog that looks something like this guy below. We found him sitting in a corner of our shower! We're still not quite sure how it got in there.

toad and fly coloring page


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