Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saguaro Cactus and Diamond Back Snake

cactus and snake coloring page

As I alluded to yesterday, I grew up in the deserts of Arizona. I went to Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School and lived just down the street from Sahuaro Ranch Park. In most parts of the world people landscape with trees and grass. In Arizona, we landscaped with rocks and cactus.

For whatever reason, I spent a lot of time as a kid drawing pictures of cactus. Maybe it was because they were all around me. Maybe it was because it was much easier to draw a cactus than a tree. Maybe it was because of it majestic, relatively solitary, immovable position in the desert landscape and the strength that is implied by it.

Having grown up in this type of environment the desert holds something of a mysterious, hidden beauty not always readily visible to the nature eye.

I've included in these coloring page a little diamond back rattler snake. Rattle snakes are also a common part of the Arizona desert.

Though I don't have any memories of encounters with rattlers myself, I do remember thinking one time that a rattlesnake had somehow gotten into my house. From the other side of my house, I could hear the rattles sounding in one of the bedrooms at certain intervals. I was alone at the time and was scared out of my wits to let the snake even see me. After half an hour or so, I finally mustered up the courage to poke my head around the corner, only to discover that the rattle came from an oscillating fan in the bedroom. What a relief!


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