Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Site Update

As it's been a little quiet since that first week that I pushed hard just to get something up online, so I felt I should give an update. Being in reality only a 1.5 man operation, we can only pull so many strings at once.

The good news is that progress is happening. A lot of energy as of late has been into the code base development for the actual coloring pages website. I've been setting up the core structure to allow for a directory of coloring pages. It is being designed to accommodate a large number of categories and coloring pages and to present them in such a way as to make each page highly accessible.

As you may have notice, some of the newer coloring pages that we've been blogging about are not actually available online yet. These pages will become available shortly, as the new, dynamic site becomes available and direct links to the relevant pages can be provided. Once the core structure is in place, we'll then begin to experiment and grow the site in as many different ways as we feel to be appropriate and possible.

On the coloring pages side, we are currently in development of a full set of U.S. Presidents' coloring pages. My friend, Tommy Cannon, is the creative talent behind this project. Four presidents are already completed: John Tyler, Rutherford Hayes, Zachery Taylor, and Harry Truman. These should show up via the blog in a couple of days and the actual coloring pages will go live when the new site is ready-- hopefully by the end of this week.

Here's a sneak peak at U.S. President John Tyler:
U.S. President John Tyler coloring page


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