Monday, August 17, 2009

The Brother of Jared Sees the Finger of the Lord

Brother of Jared coloring page

Over the past week I was following search engine trends that were leading people to the coloring pages blog and website, the term "brother of jared" appeared out of nowhere and jump up to the top of the list. Seeing as I didn't have a coloring page about the story of the brother of Jared and only a cursory mention of it in one blog entry, I felt I should probably attend to the demand. Thus, today's first new page is a coloring page depicting perhaps the most notable event from the account of the brother of Jared.

The story of the brother of Jared is taken from the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon. It takes place at the time of the tower of Babel in the Old Testament. It follows a group of people who petitioned the Lord that their language would not be confounded among their family and close relations. As a result, the Lord guided them away from the people of Babel and led them to a promised land.

As part of their journey to this new land, they were commanded to build boats to cross the ocean. They also received very specific instructions on how to construct the ships, making them air and water-tight vessels. As a means of providing light for these ships, the brother of Jared fashioned small stones out of molten rock. He then prayed to the Lord that the Lord might touch them with his finger.

To his surprise and astonishment, the brother of Jared actually saw the finger of the Lord touching the stones to make them glow in response to his request. This coloring page thus attempts to depict the fear and astonishment that came over the brother of Jared to see the finger of the Lord.


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