Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dragon Bridge

dragon bridge coloring page

The name of this coloring page sounds more like the name of a video game or book series, but I find it quite appropriate for this coloring page. My original intent in drawing this rather strange situation was to illustrate to one of my children the potential for good that even a dragon could accomplish if his heart and mind were set on it.

There are two question that, depending on the answer, drastically alters the interpretation of this picture.
1) Why is the dragon placing himself in such an awkward position to allow this little mouse to cross the deep ravine?
2) Then what did the dragon do to gain the small rodent's trust as a foot bridge?

I think the dragon is a good dragon simply wanting to help the small mouse to bridge a void that he otherwise could not do for himself. I like to think this way because it require more of me. But what do our readers think?


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