Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farmer and Antique Truck

Antique Truck and Farmer coloring page

First, the concession or confession, depending on how you want to look at it. I started off today attempting to draw a car --a race car-- something like an Indy car. Then I attempted a stock car. Little boys like fast cars. But I'm going to have to study these up a little more, because cool-looking, fast cars are harder to draw than I had previously thought. Of course, at the same time, I'll usually study up on the animals or objects that I want to draw before attempting to draw them.

Today's coloring page however is a product of raw imagination and a little personal longing/reflection. Yesterday, I read about a man leaving his full time job as a prison supervisor to become an apprentice farmer. The man packed up his whole family (four daughters and supportive wife) and headed east to Iowa where he's now learning how to run a farm full time. My wife would also be totally supportive of me if I told her that's what I felt like we were suppose to be doing. But I haven't felt such an impression. I still think that would be a very nice job to have though.

What this coloring page does remind me of is my own grandfather's small red truck that I use to ride around in as a small child. I don't know how old the truck was but that memory comes from the late 1970's, so it must have been pretty old. Probably a 1960's model of some sort and fashion. My other grandfather, who actually ran a small farm, had a newer full size Dodge truck. I remember getting to ride with him a time or two as well. My own dad has a small Ford Ranger that my kids get to ride around in when they go to visit.

Memories and longings aside, this fun page offers a brief glimpse back at years that have long since passed. I suppose that farmers today may still drive around in old beat-up pickup trucks, but I'm so far removed from that I couldn't really say for sure. So here's my contribution for today, we'll have to work on the race cars for another day.


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