Monday, August 24, 2009

Get on the Dragon Wagon

dragon coloring page

When first started and I saw the mythical section with dragons that Brent drew, I immediately knew that I wanted in on that fun.

So, I drew a dragon. This dragon I drew is kind of done in honor of a late great cartoon designer named Ed Benedict. When Hanna Barbera first started doing cartoons on TV they turned to Ed Benedict to do the designs for them.... to figure out their over all look. I think his drawings were beautiful. So, I made an attempt to do this dragon in his style, because it's so fun!

Stories of dragons, castles, and kings are great. I'm reminded of a place I used to go to in my youth called Castles 'n' Coasters... before that it was called Golf 'n' Stuff. It is a great place! It has an amusement park, arcade, and mini golf course. And, it is all castle themed. So, any time that I see a dragon or a knight I'm reminded of that place and all the fun that I had being a kid.


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