Monday, August 17, 2009

Knitting Llama

Knitting Llama coloring page

Adding to the collection of animal coloring pages, I felt to do a coloring page of a llama. I did search online to see what kind of resources were available for llama coloring pages and discovered that the market was being fairly well served. Thus the "spin" on a llama coloring page which highlights a lesser known fact about llamas, their wool makes for great yarn.

My wife pointed this out to me over the weekend as we attend our local county fair. We visited the petting zoo area where they had alpacas or llamas on display. My wife, an avid crocheter, pointed out that llamas and alpacas make wonderful yarn. Thus the coloring page of a llama knitting, in tribute to their beautiful yarn.

I'm not sure what it is about llamas that make them so engaging to young minds. I remember having a thing for llamas when I was a youth. This was long before "The Emperor's New Grove" (about 7 years or so). I even fashioned for myself a sort of giant sail for rollerblading to catch the wind in which I drew a giant picture of a llama were rollerblades on one side.

I've never had any personal experiences with llamas myself being a city dweller, but perhaps some day I'll own a llama or two of my own so that my wife and harvest the wool for yarn.


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