Monday, August 24, 2009

Llamas and Footballs, But Not Together

football coloring page

We've recently turned live two new coloring pages. A second comical-style llama page and action shot on the football field. I was was responsible for the latter so will spend a little more time talking about it and leave the llama for Tommy to comment on as he has time.

Being drawn back to the good, old days of high school football recently and seeing this particular coloring page as a good study in the human figure as well as a seasonally appropriate coloring page, I took this page on last Thursday. I have to confess that I feel this page has been the hardest coloring page that I've taken on to date, and that I'm also not completely satisfied with the results either.

I particular focused my research on high school football players for several reasons. I've never really been engaged as a specator (I've never been on a real football team, remember the trumpet coloring page... I was in the band) of football on any level other than high school. I've seen a game or two of college football and professional ball, but there's something of a different spirit about the sport at the high school level.

For one, there much less commercialization going. Most games are held on Friday nights. You actually know the players out on the field and outside of the football game, they're just regular human beings, not idolized superstars. High school football games are extremely social events where you also have an opportunity to meet up with a lot of friends and their parents in the bleachers while the game's being played. I have a hard time imaging most of these variables being the same on a larger scale.

This page thus represents a reflection back to those days of youth long since spent and perhaps too quickly forgotten. They were fun while they lasted, but it was also very good to move on with life.

Below you'll find the second llama coloring page to be featured on our site. This one was completed by Tommy Cannon at my request. Thanks Tommy!

llama coloring page


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