Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Savior Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ coloring page

If there was hesitancy on my part to create a coloring page depicting the Savior, it came out of a deep respect and profound, personal reverence that I hold this one Being who I revere as the Savior of Mankind, the Son of the Eternal Father, a God in and of Himself, and the only perfect Person to have lived on the earth.

The reasons for wanting to make a coloring page of the Savior available online is to add to our collection of Sunday, religious-related coloring pages and to cater to the increasing traffic to our site from visitors clearly looking for Christian, Biblical, or other Religious content. Beyond this, allowing young children the opportunity to explore thoughts about Jesus as their Friend and Savior seems to also be a good reason.

I must take complete responsibility for the personal interpretation of the Savior. My drawing is loosely based off of classical artists' depictions of the Savior. Carl Bloch was such source, as well as Heinrich Hoffman. I won't point to any one picture in particular. My simple attempt at depicting the Savior was to draw someone who appeared to be happy, yet sober, friendly, yet not misleading. I can't say this is really as I would imagine him, as I don't feel that I have that kind of control over the medium to convey my thoughts to canvas. However, it does convey the essence of his character as nearly as I could come to it.


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