Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mamma Hen and Baby Chicks

chickens coloring pageThis coloring page is an addition to our simple farm animals coloring page collection. Perhaps not as simple in design as the pig and cow, I've worked to still keep detail to a minimum with this page.

I've no real personal experiences of interactions with chickens in my lifetime, except for my time as a missionary in Costa Rica. I recall living in a remote town where our apartment was on the second floor above the main house. Next to our apartment was a big mango tree, and frequently on the branches of the mango tree there were chickens. The old familiar tune from my childhood about chickens in the trees came back to mind every time I thought about it. I'm still not sure how common it is to find chickens in trees, but I know from first hand experience that such a thing is a reality.

Perhaps these chickens should have been in trees, too.
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