Thursday, February 18, 2010

Visit Our Online Coloring Page Supplies Shop

coloring page and printing supplies

With the launch of our new site design there has come a more robust framework and additional coloring page services. One of the ways that we've built-in to allow site visitors to support Coloring Page Kids while offering you a service is through our online Supplies for Coloring and Printing shop.

This online shop features collections of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paints. These products are from trusted and reputable brands such as Crayola. There is also a quality list of printers from brands such as HP, in addition to a list of suitable printing paper. I've also added a few other related paper products such as bulk construction and origami papers to round out the list.

All the products that are featured in our shop come from the "jungle" of available products. Hopefully, I've sorted this down to a quality list of the practical suggestions for those of you who would be in the market specifically for coloring page supplies. I've taken the time to go through products that I would only recommend personally.

As mentioned above, these products are taken from is responsible for the processing of our little shop and you will be redirected through Amazon's checkout process to finalize any sales made on our site. Any questions or complaints about products purchased through this site should be direct to's Help pages.

I invite you to explore our Supplies for Coloring and Printing shop, check out the prices for products you are already purchasing and see if they are not better deal than you find elsewhere.  Coloring Page Kids is and will continue to be a free service noted for its tactful and unobtrusive advertising model. I hope that you will enjoy this service and find coloring pages that meet and exceed your expectations.

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