Friday, March 11, 2011

Work Resumes on Beta

It's been a little while since we've done anything with As traffic continues to grow for the site (now up to 5000 monthly visitors), I've discovered a need to come back and work to improve the site. Some of the challenges that we've faced thus far are:
  • Finding an effective way to update the site, everything from the beginning until now has been mostly manual updates to the system (extremely inefficient). Thus I've had to spend more time processing information than doing what we like to do on this site, draw coloring pages.
  • Working to effectively monetize on the site. I've not made a dime thus far on the site, so it's been purely a labor of love thus far. Not that I'm looking to total switch to a paid service, but I am exploring ways to make a few pesos while working on something I enjoy. 
That said, I hope to be making some major updates to the structure of the site over the next few weeks, after which we'll be able to start generating more content, in much larger quantities than we've done previously.

Until then,


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