Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book of Mormon, Peacock, and Alligator Coloring Pages Are Popular Searches

Google Results for Alligator Coloring Page
Reviewing results this morning, I discovered some interesting results from Google. Google is treating our coloring pages very generously lately. Perhaps that is because they are original content which we hold rights to. Two of the more popular search results have been for our alligator and peacock coloring pages. If you click on the images displaying these results, you'll be able to get real time results for these terms.

Here our little alligator created by Tommy C. is featured in the top images results at the top of the page (see the red box).

Google Results for Peacock Coloring Page Even more exciting is the results for our peacock coloring page. Presently on Google, we've gained the top spot in searches for peacock coloring pages (again, see the red box).

Book of Mormon Coloring Pages

As of the weekend for April 17, 2011, coloringpagekids.com was ranked #3 by Google for Book of Mormon Coloring Pages. This change in position created a notable spike in traffic relative to the website. I'm a little embarrassed that I don't have more content to chose from on the website. I think that this will have to be one of the first areas of improvement after I complete structural upgrades to the website's code.


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