Monday, May 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle, Again!

Cowboy on Horse coloring page Go to Cowboy on Horse coloring page! The title for this post is an appropriate one, given that the first coloring page to be posted in over a year was that of a charming cowboy atop his trusty stead. I went into quite a bit of detail about the historic significance of cowboys in the Western United States on the actual web page so I won't go into too much more here. Tommy Cannon is credited for this delightful treatment. Thanks Tommy!


coloring page Go to Yucky Vegetables coloring page! This next coloring page was a request also from over a year ago. Part of our home and family coloring pages, this coloring page depicts the childhood dilemma of having to eat vegetables at dinner.

In our own family we had kind of gotten out of the routine of including vegetables for dinner until recently. Though not the source of inspiration for this coloring page, I have in mind this morning, the scowl of my six-year-old as he sat the table the other night not wanting to eat green beans!

The vegetable of choice in this coloring page was broccoli (or cauliflower, if it is left white), which ironically is one of the more popular veggies in our house. We call them "little trees" which makes them much more enjoyable to eat and munch on.


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