Friday, May 20, 2011

Camping in the Woods Coloring Page

Camping in the Woods coloring page Go to Camping in the Woods coloring page!I produced this coloring page of a forest campground location on a whim the other day as I was sketching out possible ideas. It brought back such fond memories of camping as a child,as a boy scout, and also with friends later in high school, that I rolled with it. Being an Arizona/Phoenix area native, camping in the woods was always a welcome relief from the desert heat. Of course as a boy scout, I had the opportunity to go camping in the desert a couple of times as well. Always a fun adventure in the company of cacti. :)

As a father with small children, I've not made a diligent enough effort to take my children out to enjoy these rustic pleasures of camping. One of the camping trips I took my boys on was with a couple of friends who where lawyers... It was something of a humorous disappointment as their idea of camping was going to the closest paid campground (fully developed with running water/swimming pool/etc.) to spend the night. I've since been able to redeem myself with another (much more rustic) camping experience with my boys. Though, it's all in the father's perception I've come to realize. If you asked the boys, both trips were equally enjoyable!

In this coloring page picture of a campground, a small fire burns in front, tent to the side with and ice chest nearby. In the background, hangs a hammock from two tall trees. This is a typical scene in many wooded areas of higher mountains in Arizona and elsewhere throughout this beautiful world.


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