Monday, May 2, 2011

Why We Offer Free Coloring Pages

My fifth grade math teacher once said, "Nothing in life is free." I've repeated that adage to my own children countless times. So how then or why have I built a website around free coloring pages?

Admittedly this is a business venture, and one of the motivators of all the energy and effort that I've been putting into the website over the past two-year spread is with the hope that some day it will prove to be a financial viable vehicle. I do have several ideas that I am developing or have implemented to capitalize on the resource that this has become.

I am a self-taught front-end web developer, mostly through free, online training resources, tutorials, and other professional insight. That's the real beauty of the web industry, it is self-educating at its very core. I have never taken a formal day's training as a web developer. Quite to the contrary, my education has either been paid for by contractors who have been willing to let me learn or through my own extra time studying the subject.

For all the free (and paid) training I have received, I've never really given back much in the way of professional advice. This website then has become a way for me to give back to the online community through printable and free coloring pages. Thanks for reading and stopping in, and I hope that you find a coloring page or two to share with your little ones. Enjoy!

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