Monday, August 29, 2011

New Medical, Biology Type Heart Coloring Page

So my wife is a avid blogger on all things related to birth from a woman's choices perspective. She was reviewing her statistics this morning and saw that one search result that lead someone to her blog was "Fetal Heart Coloring Page." A random request, but it got me thinking. My wife went on to say how fascinated she was with her own mother's biology books growing up, long before she ever took a high-school biology class.

So I said to myself as I started out drawing today, there must be people searching for biology type coloring pages. Now I'm nothing of a medically minded individual. I get very queasy when I hear people talk about most things related to the body in a medical fashion, such as injuries, operations, diseases, and so forth. So here's my simple attempt at a diagram of the heart as a coloring page. I decided to focus on the separation of the two chambers and then to show the flow of blood into and out of each chamber.

Medical Heart Diagram Coloring Page Go to coloring page!


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