Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Book of Mormon Coloring Page: The Liahona

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I've actually mulled this coloring page over for a great deal of time. While I cannot claim any degree of authenticity in the decisions that informed the visual approach to this coloring page, there are few, if any, who could.

What is curious for me to note about the creation  of this coloring page is that there was something of a stupor of thought that accompanied the creation of this coloring page until I felt to make it matter of prayer. My prayers didn't open me up to exclusive information about the visual design and nature of the Liahona. However, praying to my Heaven Father allowed me to ask for help with this coloring page. Of course this isn't the only coloring page that I've done this with, but for whatever reason, it was important that I made prayer a part of its creation, almost granting me permission to continue.

What we do know about the liahona is found in one verse of scripture from the Book of Mormon, where it describes it as a ball of curious workmanship that appeared to the prophet Lehi in the desert on his journey from Jerusalem to the Americas. It further goes on to say that there were two spindles or needles (the Spanish translation of the word) that lead them in the direction that they were to travel.

My choice to included detailed ornamentation on the outside of the liahona was to try and reflect something of that curious workmanship that characterized the ball. These decorations were inspired by ornamentation taken from the interior walls of the recently dedicated El Salvador Temple. I felt it appropriate to make that connection with the liahona and artwork found inside the temple.

Ultimately, the liahona is a profoundly symbolic instrument, symbolic of the word of God and its power to lead us back home to God.


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