Monday, September 12, 2011

Tragic and Comedic Theater Masks Coloring Page

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I finally decided to make a coloring page that matched the icon for the "Arts" catergory on the main coloring page site menu. The biggest discovery associated with this coloring page for me was to realize that the curly ribbons on the sides were actually a functional piece of the mask, not merely an artistic embellishment. If this coloring page comes across as a bit too hasty, it was something of an artist choice.

While working on this coloring page, I was drawn back to my days of high school and college, where I studied the greek classical plays such as Odepus Rex, The Oddyssey, Dante's Inferno, the works of Shakespeare, and others. It is curious to me that from the same time period there are no Judeo-Christian plays that were produced, or that have survived to our modern day. I wonder if such a thing ever existed in antiquity.


Rex - coloringpages said...

cute and funny coloring pictures! love them. thanks for sharing.

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