Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Candy Cane Coloring Page-a family tradition

This candy cane coloring page definitely is reminiscent of some fond holiday memories. Every year, our family hangs candy canes on our Christmas tree when we get it up for the season. With five kids under foot, though, they start to disappear. By the time Christmas comes around, the bottom half of the Christmas tree is bare of all it's candy canes that have been stealthfully picked off by tiny fingers and enjoyed out of the adults eyesight.

While this was frustrating at one point, I've come to look forward to the kids excitement in hanging the candy canes on the Christmas tree(even if their stay their is short lived). We also make candy cane cookies that are mint flavored. The tradition of the candy cane has definitely taken root in our house.

Have fun with this candy cane coloring page, and make sure to check out all our other coloring pages too. While your at it, print out a Christmas tree.


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